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Do I need Twitter?

Do I need Twitter?

Many people ask me "Tara, do I really need to be on Twitter?"

Well, let's look at the facts….

Twitter is huge! It has been growing since March 2006 and continues to grow at an astounding rate.

As a business owner you need to be on Twitter, it has become an important place to be! With a billion tweets going out a week it is fast becoming the number one source for businesses to advertise and interact with their customers. If your competition are on there you need to be too!

People are sending over 140 million tweets a day and not just from their computers anymore. The amount of people accessing Twitter from their mobile phones has increased over 182% in the past year alone. There are also 460,000 new accounts created on Twitter daily, just think of the potential, think of the market reach you could have!

People are not simply using Twitter to pass the time of day anymore either.

42% of users rely on Twitter to learn about new products or services available on the market, and 41% of them share their opinion about the products or services they use. You could receive instant reviews from your target audience without even asking. Although many companies do suggest that you 'tweet' your experiences nowadays. Large companies have made millions in sales by using Twitter alone!

People like to feel safe and if they see on Twitter that others have used your products or services then they are more likely to choose you too. They have the notion that if everybody else loves and raves about you then maybe they should get in on the action too! Nobody wants to miss out on what everybody else has. :)

Apart from advertising on Twitter you can give your customers tips showing them that you are an expert in your field and that you care for their concerns and issues. Creating a bond that, in turn, instills loyalty amongst your followers.

If you haven't already set up your Twitter account I suggest you join the other 460,00o people and create one today. And remember it's called Social Media, so go and be social and have fun!

As a business owner you don't need to ask "Do I need Twitter?"

Instead the question should be "Can I afford not to be on Twitter?"

  • Lisa Rice Voice

    Great article. Twitter is my preferred choice of social media for many of the same reasons highlighted in your article. The business relationships I’ve developed since I joined have become invaluable. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      Thank you Lisa. Twitter is the best place to be to build business relationships, many of those have become friends too :)

  • Susan Can Help Me

    Great post, Tara! I have been on Twitter since the fall of 2008. Not only have I grown by business by using it, but some of the people I have met on there are absolutely Amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge :)

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      Thank you Susan! I can’t believe I missed your comment! Twitter is amazing :)

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