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Why do I need Twitter?

Why do I need Twitter?

Is it really that important?

Who uses it anyway?

How can it help me get clients?

There are many questions you may have as a business owner, as to why you should invest the time and effort into learning and using Twitter. You are busy with your day to day business activities and quite frankly you think Facebook is enough.

Well, I'm here to tell you that, sadly, it's not.

While there are approximately 845 million Facebook users, the majority of those use Facebook for purely social reasons. If you introduce them to your business fan page they may like it but odds are that they will rarely visit it again. Chances of them reading your posts or product updates and interacting with you are even less.

That's where Twitter comes in.

There are over 250 million tweets posted per day, that adds up to a lot of fast moving chatter. People on Twitter are always on the look out for something interesting to read, to educate them, to give them the edge.

'Tweeps' (people on Twitter) are fast and full of the moment. If they like your 'Tweet' (your post) they will re-tweet it to their friends spreading the word quickly. People visit Twitter on and off throughout the day, so they are always sure to catch new content. They are also using Twitter for business purposes and expect to hear what you have to offer while they are on there. Tweeting to your audience gets your information out to them quickly and precisely, without all the excess fluff. Twitter only allows you to write a maximum of 140 characters, so there's no room for making things frilly. Plain, simple and straight to the point, just how we like it!

Tweeps are hungry for information, product specifics, special offers, events, anything you can give them. And once you are out there and people start noticing you, your connections will spiral through the roof!

Using only Facebook for your online presence is not enough. You will gain followers and become recognised, but you will not grow as quickly as you could. Nothing will shoot you to the top in Social Media like a high Twitter following!

If you don't really know what to tweet then take a look at my free report, top right hand side of this page. It will give you ideas to get you started with Twitter.

So, let me ask you this. As a business owner, would you like to be at the top of your game in a year's time or do you want your client following to triple overnight?

Think about it and let me know. Maybe I can help you!

Have a great day! :)

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