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Time to clean house!

Yep! It's Spring!

Time to clean house again!

I'm not just talking about cleaning your house and brushing away cobwebs, although that usually happens at this time of year too, I'm talking about you! About cleaning the you house!

All winter long we sit in a dull mindset. Wet days and cold, dark nights. We eat comfort foods and basically stagnate, or hibernate, a bit like the flowers in the garden. We sit waiting for the warmer weather to come and revitalise us.

Well, it's here, the time has arrived.

Time to shake off that winter blanket and get back on track.

Rethink your goals.

What do you want? Make a list. Writing them down helps you focus more. If you can see them on paper you are subconsciously imprinting them on your brain.

Make sure the list is all positives!

Your mind works on what you tell it to and it needs positives to work towards positive results. So, if your goal is weight loss, write down that you are going to 'release' your excess weight, not lose it. Losing something is a negative and the brain interprets it as such. :(

Make plans as to how you are going to achieve your goals.

What positive steps you are going to take towards attaining them. Planning is a sure way of staying on track.

Give yourself a reasonable time frame.

Think logically about how long it will take you to realise your goals.

Get to work!

Don't sit and wait, start today! Every little baby step is one step closer towards your desired freedom. Not all your steps will be huge, life changing actions, the small ones count too. If you can put something in place today, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, then do it. It is all about starting.

Praise yourself for every goal you achieve.

Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself 'Well Done' each and every time. When you receive praise you feel happier and much more determined to succeed. Don't wait for others to congratulate you, congratulate yourself!

Pick yourself up, get out of the slumber and start cleaning house today!

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