.☆ Social Media Set Up ☆.

.☆ Social Media Set Up ☆.

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Having been an English Language Teacher, for many years, I have a passion for the English Language.

Being a Blogger I have a passion for the Internet.

What's a girl supposed to do, but put the two together!

This is how Tara Chatzakis Services was born…

I am offering you services that I have an incredible amount of passion for, along with an unbelievable amount of experience in too! I, personally, have been successfully doing Social Media and all aspects of the lists below for myself, and now I'm offering them to you!

English and the Internet, especially Social Media, are omnipotent! You really can't escape either. Not that I'd want to!
I love reading, writing and using English just as much as I love being on the Internet daily, using numerous different  types of Social Media, and blogging. I can't imagine living without any of these amazing aspects of my life. Let me explain…..


My services here are innate of my passions and are my pleasure to offer!

Let's make sure you interact with your clients on a personal level. It's not just about selling!




  Twitter Services
  Let me schedule your Tweets for you!


There are two options

      A) You provide me with all the quotes, insights, conversations, links and offers/information you'd like to be tweeted and I'll schedule everything for you for the week.

B) I'll create the tweets for you, using a combination of links from your site, questions to get your clients interactimg, quotes and tips and schedule them for the week.

You can sit back, relax and I'll provide the follower interaction for you!

C) Account clean up.
Manual follow/unfollow of Twitter Tweeps. This service helps balance your Twitter follower/following ratio which is important for Twitter. If you are following many more than you have followers Twitter cap your account at a certain level!

D) Find followers and Tweeps in your niche to follow.
Manual search for people in your niche for you to follow, and also increasing your following.

E) Follow back and direct message
I will create a follow back for everyone who follows you to help keep your interaction high. A message will also be sent to each person who follows you either thanking them or directing them to a site of your choice.

F) Creating Twitter background covers
When people land on your Twitter profile page they are looking for somebody or a company that is confident and conscientious. Let them land on your profile page and see your company logo and picture, a brief synopsis of your business along with your branding colour scheme.

Keeping your brand across the board creates familiarity, awareness and trust.           




 Facebook Services
  I can keep up with your Facebook posts for you every week.

There are two options

     A) You provide me with all the quotes, insights, conversations, links and offers/information you'd like to be posted to your page, either personal, fan page or both, and I'll schedule everything for you for the week.

B) I'll create the posts for you, using a combination of links from your site, questions to get your clients interacting, quotes and tips and schedule them for the week.

Knowing that your clients are being looked after and cared for leaves you free to attend to other, more pressing issues, with the peace of mind that you won't be neglecting your client relationships.

C) Facebook Fan Page Admin
I will personally make sure that your customers are being cared for! Any interaction on your page will be responded to, and anything pertaining to a business inquiry will be forwarded to you immediately.

I will also be responsible for accepting and sending friendship requests on your behalf. Meaning that you won't miss a thing!

D) Facebook Timeline Covers
The new timelines on Facebook Fan Pages are great! They give your clients plenty of eye catching glamour! We can create a fabulous timeline cover for your page incorporating your business logo, keeping your branding consistent across all platforms.

E) Facebook Application Tabs
How would you like to be able to sell products right from your Facebook Fan Page? Well, with the timeline applications now available on Facebook that is a reality. Let us create application tabs to show customers your products, take them to your site instantly, allow them to follow you on any other Social media platform, all from your Facebook page. Again, we can keep your branding colour scheme and keep the customer comfortable in your presence.


  Linkedin Services
  I can keep up with your Linkeding posts for you every week.

There are two options

     A) You provide me with all the quotes, insights, conversations, links and offers/information you'd like to be posted to your profile, and I'll schedule everything for you for the week.

B) I'll create the posts for you,using a combination of links from your site, questions to get your clients interacting, quotes and tips and schedule them for the week.

C) Your Linkedin Profile We can build up your profile to help get you noticed on Linkedin, there are tips to get you to the top of the searches and we can help get you there.

You can use your own voice or mine, either way we'll still be interacting with others in the business world who will see your presence, building trust in you. Creating amazing business connections!



  Are you on Pinterest yet? Did you know that it is attracting thousands of new subscribers daily?
  What better way to reach your new and existing clients?

Allow us to create your boards for you. You can have a virtual catalogue of products/services at no extra cost. And the beauty is that if somebody likes your 'pin' they'll re-pin it showing it to thousands of other pinners that you haven't even connected with yet!
Pinterest is also a great place to inform  people of new products/services that you offer, along with any special promotions you are running. The power of the picture is second to none. As they say 'a picture paints a thousand words', don't miss out on this phenomenon! It's your chance to let your products go 'viral' with very little work on your behalf! Let me take care of your boards, it would be my pleasure.

Site maintenance.
We will regularly check your site, ensuring that there is no spam on there and keeping your plugins up to date.

We can also provide site Headers. Working with our design team we can create the header of your choice, incorporating your company logo, colour scheme and branding.




Numerous Social Media
Let's put them all together! We can arrange a package for all your Social Media. Just let us know what aspects you'd like us to take care of and we'll provide you with a quote.

All packages are designed to run for one week, for longer durations please contact us directly.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and we can come up with a package tailored to your needs!

Let's get you and your brand out there!

Grammar/spelling check

I have to say that I'm a stickler for correct grammar and spelling. I guess it comes from my schooling. I was never very good at maths, but anything to do with words was my forte! Send me your blog post or article and I'll read it and check it for mistakes.
English really is a difficult language, it's so easy to make mistakes without even realizing! Have you ever written 'here' instead or 'hear'? It's easy to confuse they're, there and their? Not to mention its and it's! The list can go on and on, but, really there's no reason to get stressed about it. Let me handle the proof-reading for you
, and you can rest easy that your/you're article won't be on their/they're worst read/red list!


Do you like my funky teacups? My good friend designed them! If you'd like a set of them pop on over to here site. Her name's Kat and you'll find her here!

"I have a a very busy life getting my teaching practice going, plus being a mom of 2 boys.
Sometimes I don't know how to cope with all the social media that nowadays is so important to keep up with if you have your own business.
I am SO GLAD I found you Tara. From one day to another I had about a 100 visitors extra on my website. All due to your wonderful work.
I can only talk good about you and recommend your work to anybody who is in need of advice and someone who needs web assistance.


Georgia, Europe

Tara is one of the most authentic, positive, uplifting women I know; professionally and as a friend. She is highly motivated for the success, happiness and benefit of those who she serves. Tara, goes the extra mile, never surrenders to or runs from a challenge. Her professionalism and dedication to customer service are excellent while her commitment and dedication are tenacious. Very simply, anyone looking for an assistant with their social media management or those interested in T-Tapp as a means of improving their health and wellness, Tara is as far as you need to look. She will take your business and your health to new heights! And, she'll make you laugh along the way. You'll love her!”

Carl, South Africa


I had Tara manage one of my social media accounts for me and was very impressed by her skill, detail, and reliable service. If you are considering hiring Tara to handle your social media, I would be happy to give a detailed recommend as to why I believe she would do an outstanding job for you.

Elizabeth, United States


“I connected with Tara in an online marketing group. It didn't take long to realize she has a contagious spirit and ambitious drive for any project she gets her hands on. I love how she's able to help others with two of her interests, both fitness & health AND social media. That just happens to be two niche markets I'm interested in, too!”

Rob, United States


Tara is an AMAZING asset to my business. The results from Social Media traffic to my blog and products have been beyond my expectation. Tara is a charm to work with, very professional, pleasant and a great sense of humor!

Lisa, United States

Tara is by far one of the most devoted Social Media Manager's. I love how she is as detail oriented as I am. Tara is very Professional in everything that she does. She is very flexible, as well as no task is ever too big or too small for her. She will go beyond whatever you have asked. Most importantly, I trust her explicitly.

Susan, United States


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