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Prevention is always better than cure.

"It's Fitness Friday"

Friday's the day to think about our body, our health and our fitness!
If we don't take care of 'us' then everything else falls apart!



Prevention is always better than cure.

Many people seem to think that bad health will never happen to them. It always happens to somebody else. Unfortunately that isn't so :(

I have heard many say that they can't afford to go to the gym, or they don't have time to prepare healthy food, or that it's just such a hassle to start and learn exactly which are the best approaches to health, wellness and fitness.

That may be so…..however……..

If you don't take an interest in these areas and start to take care of yourself then there WILL come a time when you are going to have to spend your money on prescription medicines/drugs, watch your diet due to diabetes and learn how to get around with a dowager's hump or even worse.

You know it really doesn't take long to look after yourself and if you do it now then you will save yourself a lot of problems in the future.

Now, I am not saying that if you exercise, eat healthily and fill yourself up with positive mindset and gratitude that you will live to be 110 and for each of those years you will be running a marathon and you will never have an illness! That would be a bit of an extreme promise. I can tell you though that those who do take steps to ensure that their body is respected and treated well enjoy their lives and don't have the extra worry of pain or limitations. Plus it's not just you that has to share the burden, your children will be the ones looking after you in the future due to your neglect.

Many members of my Greek family have never exercised a day in their life and now they are reaping the rewards of that neglect. They are on medication for blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid issues, diabetes plus many more. They have to be careful and watch how many carbs they eat and even how much fruit, which contains natural sugars. The Doctors have told them to walk daily, which they don't, but even so that is about all they can manage. They have issues to deal with now and they HAVE to take the time and pay what they saved in the past.

If they'd had started working on their health years ago there is a good chance that they would have been spared many of the difficulties they face today.

It doesn't take a lot. You can start by…

  • Making sure that you exercise daily, even walking for 15-20 minutes is a good start
  • Limiting the amount of unhealthy foods you eat
  • Try to incorporate veggies into your daily diet. Your meal should be made up of around 70% veggies
  • Try to let go of the stress, fear and anger that you hold. Start listening to self help audios while you are in the car. Calming down and releasing stress, etc, relieves the body of corrosive elements which contribute to ill health
  • Laugh! Remember what is was like when you were young and how you laughed easily and readily. Try to get some of that back.
  • Take time to feel. Relax and value your surroundings. If you love where you are then it will appear more beautiful.
  • Love people. Send out feelings of love and you'll get them back.
  • Fill yourself up with all the good things in life, appreciate them and release them back into the world. Thinking loving feelings puts you in a good mood and makes your situation more bearable.

Please take the time to love yourself and look after yourself. It doesn't take a lot of work but the rewards are amazing!

Enjoy your life and live to enjoy the lives of your family.

Remember Prevention is always better than cure.

  • Louise Bugglin Myers

    I am also a fitness freak Tara! Keep on spreading the good word.

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