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Why You Need Pictures To Attract Readers


Why You Need Pictures To Attract Readers


In relationships we are first attracted visually through the eyes. We see somebody across the crowded bar and we like what we see. Taking the time to get to know somebody usually only comes after the initial attraction has struck. Once we are in a conversation with that person then we see if we are truly compatible or not. Unfortunately, it's not yet possible to catch somebody's eye with your personality from a far.

In just the same respect we capture people's attention online through the images we chose to post on our sites and the colours we have on our page. Images are of paramount importance if you are blogging. It's often the image that catches the eye first. When we land on a page, if it's not aesthetically appealing chances are that we'll bounce straight back off it again without even taking a look around. As a blogger or website owner you only have seconds to catch the reader and keep them interested enough to stick around for a while.

Pictures are everywhere nowadays, the world is full of images from across the globe. We use pictures to illustrate articles, to show research and stats in the form of graphs, to document trends in pie charts, not to mention to share and keep memories. Visual images attract us.

So, what kind of pictures do you need on your site?

Use, whenever possible, professional images on your site. There are many different places you can go to online to find reasonably priced images to add to your posts. A couple of my favourites are Fotolia and iStock Photos. They both have a huge range of fabulous photos and images from as little as 1 credit/photo. I have to say that Fotolia has a greater range of good quality 1 credit photos and it is so easy to use. These sites also offer videos if you really want to impress!

There are free photos too. I have been known to use Free Digital Photos. I find the process a little more laborious though. That's why I tend to stick with Fotolia.



How about editing pictures?

Most photographers grant you the permission to edit them slightly, as in they allow you to add text to them. Just as long as you don't distort them. Each picture is different, check before you edit. But where can you do this? A fave of mine is PicMonkey.



This site is awesome!!! It lets you upload a picture and add different texts, or frames, lighten or brighten pictures, add flowers or arrows, and a whole range of things. It is totally cool, and free too! :) Take the picture I have at the top of this post, I could add different frames, textures and colours and 'Hey presto!'



I love playing on this site! :) You have got to try it! It's serious fun, especially with family photos! :)

What about the colours on your site?

Colours are important too. Think about the impression you want to make on your site and choose the colours you use accordingly. There should be more behind it than 'You look good in…..'

I chose the purples, blues, pinks, greys and whites on my site for a reason.

I was going for –
Blue – tranquility, love, loyalty, security, trust, intelligence.
Purple – luxury, ambition
Pink – healthy, happy, feminine
Grey – calm, reliability
White – Clarity, hope, openness

There are many different colours you can choose for your site and they have many different connotations in the Chart of Colours and the Psychology of Colour.

Pick your colours and pictures wisely, they affect your readers more than you know.

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