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Are You Using a Google Bio Box on Your Posts?

     Are You Using a Google Bio Box on Your Posts?

Put an I.D. on what you write!

You know that little box at the bottom of posts that you see which tells you a little bit about the author of the post? Well, that's an author's bio box.

Do you have one?

I have them on my posts here and if I guest blog then they are automatically added to the bottom of my post, providing I have my Google URL added to my profile.

Interested in learning a little more? Then let me explain…

Google, as you know, is HUGE! It is everywhere. When you search on Google for articles and posts the results it gives you are tuned to suit you.  People in your social circle will appear first every time.

Google looks for people you know just as when your friends search for information, or friends of friends search, Google will bring you up too! Providing, that is, that Google knows that you wrote the article!

As Google searches all the millions of posts it finds on the web it has to be able to find your name and information in there, otherwise it may pass you by and recommend another author's post.

If you add the free rel='author' plugin then you will get credit for everything you write both on and off your site. Basically this plugin creates an author bio box that links to your Google+ account, and your Google+ account profile links right back to your blog!

So, providing you have a Google+ account then you can add this plugin, effortlessly.

It is so simple too. Here are the steps you need…..

First, visit the Dempsey Marketing Plugin Page


Then comes the easy bit! LOL! Click 'Download the plugin Now!'


You will save it on your computer then. It will appear as a zip file. You can upzip it and upload the 'install' file to your plugin page or add the whole zipped file to it.

You will also need to make sure that your website URL is on your Google+ profile bio.

Follow the instructions and you won't go far wrong. And just in case you do have issues then simply contact Dempsey Marketing and they WILL reply quickly! I know I have corresponded with them and they helped me clearly and concisely, not to mention quickly.

This will be your end result.

This little box will help you get found by the Google search engine.

Don't let Google pass you by! Make your Google Bio Box today!

Put an I.D. on what you write! 

  • Pauline

    Hi Tara
    I have an author box on my blog but this one looks & sounds better for getting found by Google search so I think I will download it and try it.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

    • chatzakity

      How did it go Pauline? It’s pretty easy to set up, don’t you think?

  • Diane

    I just came over from Anastayisa Day’s newsletter. How did you know I was asking this question?
    Just the info I needed. AND a fellow T-Tapper? I’m signing up for your newsletter, girl!

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      Fabulous Diane! I’m glad I helped you, and as you say a T-Tapper to boot! Awesome!

  • Roben-Marie Smith

    Thanks so much! Off to check it out! :)

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      You are welcome! It’s makes your life so much easier as a blogger Roben-Marie!

  • Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Great article and tip!! Love it! Done!

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      So glad you found my article informative and helpful :)

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