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Feeling a little green?

"It's Fitness Friday"

Friday's the day to think about our body, our health and our fitness!
If we don't take care of 'us' then everything else falls apart!

Are you feeling a little green? Do you like greens?

They are by far my favourite food! I love them all, from spinach to arugula, to beetroot leaves to lettuce! Anything! If it's leafy and it's green I'll eat it. They are my 'feel' good foods and for good reason.

Raw foods keep all their vitamins, nothing is lost so they are extremely good for you. They are so versatile too, you can use them in smoothies, as a base for warm or cold salads, you can even chop and toss in cooked pasta!

If you choose to cook your greens then you will need approximately 1/2 pound per person for one serving. This may look like a lot but once cooked the greens will reduce down.

When choosing greens make sure that the leaves are vibrant, crisp and colourful. Yellow leaves show signs of aging.

Storing greens can be difficult as they tend to wilt very quickly. One tip for collards, spinach and kale is to wrap them in a damp towel and place them in an open bag in the veggie refrigerator drawer. It's best to try and purchase your greens on the day you are going to eat them.

As I said raw is best but sometimes you may want to spice things up a bit. 'Wilting' is a great idea as it makes them just a little bit sweeter. One way of doing this is to pour boiling water over them and then drain immediately or stir the greens into hot food such as pasta or potatoes.

You can add herbs to your salads or foods generally for variety also. One of my favourite salads contains lettuce, chard, spinach, parsley, chives, and slithers of raw beetroot tossed in balsamic and olive oil. That is more than a side dish, that's a tasty meal! :)
In fact parsley packs an amazing powerful punch. It is so much more than a garnish! Did you know that 1 cup of parsley (which is sooo tasty in a salad!) contains 100% Vitamin A, 133% Vitamin C, 21% Iron and only 22 calories?

Parsley is a fabulous antioxidant and is used in the prevention of heart disease and many other issues.

Greens are packed full of goodness and they taste fresh and great! So go on pile them high! You know you want to! :)

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