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Fat bottomed girls, YOU make the rockin’ world go round.

Fat bottomed girls,
You make the rockin' world go round. ~

(the band, not the woman!)

Freddie thought it appropriate to sing about women with large behinds, even Donkey in Shrek was caught singing "I like big butts and I cannot lie!". There are a million butt jokes roaming around out there too!

What can I tell you? People are obsessed with them!

I have to admit that I am too. Whenever I get dressed I always turned around to check my appearance from behind. It's automatic, well, it is if you're a girl anyway!

The butt is one of the hardest parts of the body to lift. And mine is no exception!

I'm a short torso, so I have an annoyingly low and flat butt. I'll never get one of these amazingly round firm butts, it's just never going to be on the cards for me! I have to live with what God gave me and try and do the best I can with all that I have.

I T-Tapp, as you know, but I know that not everybody who reads my posts here do the same. So I thought I'd spice things up a bit today and offer you some tips for shaping the butt!

What do you think? Are you interested?

Would you like me to recommend some exercises that you can do at home?

If so, then please read on…..

There are many different exercises out there, but not all are created equal. We need an exercise the works the glutes (muscles in the butt) and the hamstrings (which are the muscles at the back of the thighs). Working these muscles hard is a sure way of toning the butt.

Squats ~ are popular exercises. These work the quads too (the front of the thigh). These are super fat burning exercises, but you need to be careful that you do them correctly.

  • stand looking straight forward
  • shoulders back
  • hands on hips
  • feet hip width apart
  • slowly, pushing the butt out, lower down
  • push the knees out slightly, don't roll them in
  • don't drop lower than the knees
  • don't let the knees go past the toes
  • slowly come back up tightening the butt as you do
  • don't lock the knees at the top

Repeat this movement 10 times = 1 rep

Do 2-3 reps, depending on how many you feel comfortable doing. Don't overdo it!

Step up ~ This exercise is popular due to how easy it is. Stepping up and down the bottom step of your stairs will work the butt and hamstrings, just what you need to get that defined look.

  • Step onto the step with the left leg
  • bring the right one up to join it
  • step back down with the left leg
  • bring the right one down to join it
  • move the legs back down slowly making the muscles in the thighs work

Do 10 with the left leg first, then 10 stepping up with the right leg first = 1 rep

Do 2-3 reps, depending on how many you feel comfortable doing. Don't overdo it!

And that's it! Simple but effective.

Kick backs ~ This ones a toughy, but a good one.

  • standing with feet hip width apart
  • knees softly bent
  • hold on to the back of a chair, for support
  • keeping the thighs and knees together, raise the calf on the left leg
  • it should be at a 90* angle going backwards
  • flex the foot, so it is at a right angle going down
  • gently pulse the leg backwards
  • aiming the foot for the wall behind
  • it's only a small movement, just a couple of inches

Do 10 with the left leg first, then 10 with the right leg = 1 rep

Do 2-3 reps, depending on how many you feel comfortable doing. Don't overdo it!

Diva Derriere ~ Now this is a T-Tapp move. I had to put one in! You can read the form tips on Diva Derriere by following this link. Those of you who have done this exercise before will know just how difficult, yet effective, it is!

Diva Derriere

It's always important to warm up before you exercise so you could try doing some walking first. Either go for a brisk walk around the block or march on the spot for 5 minutes. This will get your heart working and your muscles warm and supple.

There's so much talk about our butts that we may as well give them something interesting to talk about!

Are you with me?

Let's change the lyrics to

'Toned bottom girls, YOU make the rockin' world go round!'

  • Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Men should also work on their bums. Bulging biceps, 6 pack abs and hulking chests on saggy butted men is not a nice lok. I think ladies would agree….guys, work on your butts too! :-) Juss sayin’! Tara, great post and perfect movements for tight, toned buns!

    • Tara Yvonne Chatzaki

      Thanks Carl :)
      Men don’t voice their worries about their butts, not like women do, so I guess we tend to forget about them!

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