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What do you fancy?

What do you fancy?

Chances are that you've heard of Pinterest. It's has grown to be one of the hippest sites since it's launch in 2010. People go there and pin pictures of things that they like on their boards for their own enjoyment and for others to see. It even allows you to post a pin showing items for sale and places a price in the corner of the pin (I have a training video showing this if you want to take a look here)

But there is another 'new kid in town' and it seems that he is taking pins to a whole new level!

That little fella is Fancy.

Fancy was launched in February this year and boasts an average of $50,000 worth of sales per week through it's pages. The pictures on the site are similar to Pinterest but everything on there is for sale. Its vendors offer everything from holidays to designer clothes to food to private jets! The list is endless!

You can earn credit on Fancy too. If you get friends to sign up for an account you get rewarded with credit to spend 'in store' as such.

Fancy also attracts many more male viewers than Pinterest creating a slightly different market place. There's no stopping it either. In February there were approximately 1 million products fancied per week, compared to 3 million now. In just 5 short months it has risen to amazing heights.

You can add your products to the Fancy page too, just like Pinterest except you are promoting them for sale immediately.

The Fancy, as it is officially called, it one of the first major sites to go viral with sales through mobile devices. Now might be a good time to look into it. :)




What do you fancy?

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