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Facebook 101 Part One

Facebook 101

Part One

There are many people out there who have either never been on Facebook or who have just started out. I know it took me a while to get onboard. My cousin and my friend kept nagging me to set up an account and in the end I guess they wore me down! LOL!

I was reluctant to sign up as I thought it was basically for kids. I was teaching in a school at the time and the majority of my students were on it, and quickly became my friends. I don’t know how they did it, but no sooner had I opened my account than they found me and bombarded me with Facebook friend requests!

I have to say that from both a personal and a business stand point it was one of the best moves I have ever made!

Facebook has many different facets. Some use it for business, some for pleasure, many for both. I use it for both and am an active member in some fabulous Facebook groups. Groups which have helped me grow both mentally and spiritually.

I have made many friends on Facebook who support me and my business and gladly offer knowledge and feedback whenever I ask.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of an online community that helps you grow in your personal life and your business life? Well, then let’s get you started.

FIRST of all I would naturally say that you need a Facebook account. It’s an easy task to do, simply go to and sign up. Your account will be opened immediately and then you can adjust your profile and settings as you choose.

One thing you need to make clear from the beginning is what you want out of your profile.

When I started on Facebook my page was entirely used for personal reasons. I didn’t include any business until a few years later and then it was only to post my latest blog posts. I didn’t even have a business page. So I only accepted friends, or colleagues. I knew everyone on my friends list. I kept pictures closed to friends only and made sure that I didn’t interact with anyone I didn’t know.

Then as my focus shifted and I decided that Facebook would also benefit my business, which had also taken a turn in direction, I started accepting people I didn’t know in order to build a large friend base. The people who were requesting admittance into my circle of friends were also coming, by now, from my website, so to turn them down would have been rude. I didn’t know if they were followers of mine or maybe even potential clients!

You can choose right from the beginning to open a personal profile and a fan page. If you are involved in business it may be beneficial to do this then you can keep your business clients and contacts completely separate.

Then, you may, Why bother with a personal page at all?

Personal pages do have advantages. For one you can join groups of interest on Facebook, meet new friends and learn new advances in your area of expertise.

I have recently formed such a group on Facebook called the Par-Twitter-Paters. This group was created to provide a safe community for people who wish to learn their way around Twitter. Members ask questions, no question is dismissed as silly. People don’t want to be laughed at and I know from experience how sometimes people expect you to know certain things and they tend to gloss over areas, and it can be embarrassing to ask for clarification. I hope none of my members feel uncomfortable asking for anything.

You can also make your clients feel special by allowing them to become friends and not just fans.  Share with them pictures of your life outside the office.

You can create lists too!

As you add people as friends you can choose what category they come under. When you go to somebody's profile page you will see to the right hand side the tab Friend. If you click on that you will get a drop down list of the different friendship lists you have created.



You tick the appropriate one to add that person to that list. If you need to make a new category/list click on 'show all lists' and scroll down to the bottom until you see a box that states New List. Write in there the new list name and add that friend to that list.

In my list I have

  • Close friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Fans
  • Family

Etc.. each group can have access to specific parts of your page. So my family, for example, will have access to all my updates and pictures. Whereas fans may not.

You can edit these privacy settings on your home or profile page.

You can also choose who sees which posts. If I post that I am enjoying dinner at The Plaza Hotel, I can choose to only allow friends or family to see that post, which means that others will not know my location.



The basics are there for you to set up your Facebook account and get started. Have a play around, add your profile picture and information and we'll continue where we left off next week.

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  • Karla Campos

    Great insight here about what goes on in the mind of a person new to Facebook. There are many people who don’t understand the business side of Facebook and see it as a place kids go to and hangout. When I first started people thought I had nothing better to do and I was just wasting my time. Now I get to teach and give seminars about the business side of Facebook, glad to meet a fellow educator. PS I get a lot of business owners asking the question “why can’t I have only one page?” all the time, when people are new they see running two pages as a hassle. You need both types of pages since you need a personal page to open a Fan page and you can’t run a business on a personal page per Facebook terms, I still see many people running their business on a personal page.

    • chatzakity

      So true, business pages have different sets of rules :)

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