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Exercise when pregnant

"It's Fitness Friday"

Friday's the day to think about our body, our health and our fitness!
If we don't take care of 'us' then everything else falls apart!

Today, has a slight twist. Today we are concentrating on fitness for the pregnant business woman. :)


Exercise when pregnant, could be the key to a healthy pregnancy

Exercise when pregnant is very important, even though many stop exercise or would never think about doing it when they are carrying their baby.

I have some friends who actually started exercising when they were is their 2nd trimester, they were amazed by the benefits they experienced. Although they didn't start running on the treadmill they incorporated T-Tapp which helped with swollen ankles and back pain.

According to my friend and colleague, Kayla Howard, even when you are pregnant it's still important to think about keeping a control of your stomach muscles. You're not free to simply let it all out. Why? Well, if you leave the muscles to relax you will experience lower back pain, not to mention less energy and shortness of breath.

She also gives the tip that seeing as muscles prefer to burn fat for fuel, if you are not activating muscles in a certain area, the body will store the fat there. So that's why I got a fuller posterior when I was preggers! LOL! :)

T-Tapp is safe for pregnant woman, and they even have a whole site dedicated to T-Tapp Moms.

T-Tapp helps relieve many of the more common pregnancy ailments, such as low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, edema, constipation, etc.

Teresa recommends pregnant women should do at least the Basic 4 T-Tapp movements: Primary Back Stretch (PBS), T-Tapp Twist, Balance Sequence and Thread the Needle. A number of pregnant T-Tapp Moms have reported that PBS has actually helped ease the symptoms of their morning sickness, particularly the arm pumps.

Getting started.

If you are pregnant and new to T-Tapp then it's good to start with the MORE DVD. This DVD is broken down into separate segments and some parts are seated. Perfect for growing bellies. None of the exercises need to be adapted, however, the Organs In Place exercise should be omitted.

If you have any questions about T-Tapp, whether you are pregnant or not, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment underneath.

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