How To Defy Sir Isaac Newton’s Law

"It's Fitness Friday"

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Friday's the day to think about our body, our health and our fitness!
If we don't take care of 'us' then everything else falls apart!



How to defy Sir Isaac Newton's Law.

As a woman I have found that as the years have gone by not only has my posture changed but also my figure. Having had three daughters, so three pregnancies, my stomach has been stretched and each time my internal organs have been moved around to house the baby growing inside me. This is a natural course of events but it has caused a pooch that is hard to shift.

Now, even if you haven't had children chances that you have the same pooch as me. Unless you have kept yourself in shape throughout most of your life your muscles have taken the time to relax somewhat. It's a law of gravity that things tend to head south the older you get.

There is, however, a way to reverse Sir Isaac Newton's fabulous theory. In the belly department at least!

Simply put you need to put your organs 'back' in place. T-Tapp has a unique way of achieving this, with an amazing exercise that is appropriately called 'Organs In Place'.

The aim of the exercise is to help create a strong girdle that will hold everything where it should be and you have to start by shifting things back up.

Have you noticed that when you are laying down your stomach looks flatter? That's gravity working in your favour, but unless you intend to spend your life socialising on your back well the trim look doesn't last that long. So we need to work on things ourselves.

We start by lying down and then raising the butt off the floor slightly. This position automatically allows your organs to move back into proper position and you probably look even slimmer than you did when you were laying down. By digging down through the 'fluff' and pushing the organs up then tightening the stomach muscles you start to create a tight girdle which will eventually hold everything in its natural place. Teresa gives detailed instructions for this exercise on her site, you can see the exercise fully laid out for you here.

You need to do this exercise daily to achieve the flat stomach you are aiming for. It doesn't happen overnight, you have to work on it but this is a great exercise to do before you work on your regular stomach exercises. Putting your organs in place before you start doing your traditional sit ups or whatever your choice will ensure that you work on gaining a strong flat stomach rather than a hard pot belly.

There is a way to reverse and defy Sir Isaac Newton's Law and stop gravity from pulling things south!

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