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I don’t want my child to be another statistic

I don't want my child to be another statistic

I'm a mom and I want the best for my daughters. I want them to have a long, successful and disease free life; full of joy and love.  I want my children to be happy, healthy and fit.

I want my girls to be socially accepted and I don't want to see them outcast or cry because they've been bullied at school. Especially not for their weight, which is something that I control!

I want people to gratefully receive my girls. I want them to respect others and to be able to earn the respect of others.

I would sacrifice everything for my girls, and I believe that all moms have this desire. Our children are the most special and unique children of all.

So, how do we take care of them?

I want my children to be polite and courteous, it's important to me as are morals. I try to raise my children with respect and encouragement. I believe they can do anything. I support their ideas and make them believe that they can do anything. Nothing is out of their reach!

I encourage my girls to do after school activities that will reflect their personalities, which are varied.

My eldest, Kalliopi, wants to be a superstar! She enjoys hip-hop and wants to study drama/acting in the future.

My middle daughter, Antigoni, is a real tom-boy (takes after me!) She plays football and with boy's toys. She wants to work with marine life when she gets older. Tells me she'll be living in Florida, living her dream everyday with whales and dolphins!

My youngest, Gabriella, is the super-model. She loves dressing up, parading in front of the mirror and insists on wearing make up for special occasions. (I never wore make-up when I was younger, and still don't very much!)

I cook them foods that I have made myself. I don't keep pre-made foods in stock and we rarely eat tinned goods. I work in the evening so I am at home in the morning and I have the chance to cook, but if I know that I will be away from home the next morning I usually cook the night before. All my foods are fresh. I don't necessarily buy organic, but I do buy fresh.

I don't often cook fried foods. I prefer to grill or bake meats. We do eat junk food, I can't deny that. My girls insist on pizza, which I always make, every Saturday. There's usually chocolate on the menu too!

Exercise? Do they get any?

I have been led to believe in the past that school provided them with some form of exercise. Some form of cardio. Having watched their sports' lesson though I can see that I need to take matters into my own hands.

Call it home schooling in P.E. The best exercise for my children is T-Tapp. I wouldn't give them the same work out that I do. Mine's too advanced for them. Instead I choose Tapp Core.

What is Tapp Core?

Tapp Core was created for children and has been introduced in to many schools in the United States.

Tapp Core consists of 9 short exercises, each of which is about 2 minutes long. All the exercises stimulate the left/right brain which helps improve the concentration of your child. They are lymphatic, so they work at keeping the body healthy and also stop your children from feeling sore afterwards. Tapp Core contains Hoedowns which gives excellent cardio exercise, along with improving core balance.

Teresa Tapp says "By splitting TappCore exercises throughout the day (ie: at beginning of day, middle of a long session, just after lunch or mid-afternoon) you actually "help the body and mind, help itself" achieve focus for better retention of academic information. TappCore exercises involve more than calorie expenditure (of course, tappers already know that!)"

Teresa Tapp has been working with public schools, of all levels, for years and knows how best to exercise your children. I put my trust in this amazing lady, with a heart of gold, to teach my children the best and the safest exercises. She also makes it fun with her beautiful puppy 'Buddy' in on the act!

Tapp Core is not exclusively for children, we can do it too! You can either choose to exercise and have fun with your children or use the Tapp Core DVD to fit in some 2 minute exercises throughout the day!

Those of you who don't have any children yet can't get away that easily you know. T-Tapp is also popular with pregnant women too!

  • Anonymous

    I encouraged my children to play sports to keep fit and I never had junk food in the house for them either. My oldest daughter has a little girl and she’s very careful what she gives her..;) You are passing on a great thing to your daughters by teaching them to eat healthy!

    • Tara Yvonne Chatzaki

      Thanks so much! It’s a battle at times, but I think I’m winning! :)

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