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How One Should Behave on Facebook

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How One Should Behave on Facebook

How many times have you had someone post their link as a comment on your Facebook page?

Have you ever been added to a Facebook group without being asked first?

These are two common things that happen on Facebook that shouldn’t.  Business etiquette extends into the world of social media.  It’s not just for the office or boardroom.

I recently wrote a post about social media etiquette and wanted to share with you my rules for how one should behave on Facebook.

1.      Do not add people to a group without asking them first.  Since Facebook started allowing people to add other people to groups, this has become a big no-no.  Personally, I cannot tell you how many groups I’ve been added to without my permission.  Did I stay in the groups? Except for one, no.  All you are doing is infuriating your friends and making yourself look bad in the process.


2.      PLEASE do not post your links all over my page!  Unless I am having a share day on my page, honestly, I don’t want your link.  I know it sounds harsh, but it’s what we all think when we see.  I don’t mind if someone posts “Hey this is Francine from Francine’s Cakes!  I found your page from the R&R Facebook party!  I would love to connect with you on mine!” That is fine because, one, it tells me you liked my page and why.  If someone posts “Come like Kenny’s Cars!” and includes the link, I will delete it.  Be sensible about it – if you spam, you will get reported and your account disabled.


3.      Obey Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS).  For example, on your Facebook Timeline Cover, do not put any reference to liking your page, your address, phone number, website, email address, etc.  When you upload a picture for the first time, you have to click “okay” that you understand this, however how many do we see that ignore this?  If you are one of these, do not be surprised if you go to log on one day and your page has been deleted.  It will happen.  It’s just a matter of time.


4.      When liking a business page, like from your personal account, not your business account.  The only likes that count on a business page are likes from a personal account.  I like from both, so if I want to comment as my business, I can but the page still get credit for the like.


5.      Be careful when posting pictures.  Posting too many pictures in a short amount of time will cause you to be unliked or have your page hidden.  Inspirational photos are great, but when you have 10 people who post those pictures all day long, it clogs your newsfeed and sometimes, you just got to clean it up.  I would limit it to 1-2 pictures a day.

Those are my top five rules.  I’m sure I’ve ruffled a few feathers, but I try to see things from the fans view sometimes because hey, we all like more pages than our own!

What are some of the Facebook rules you go by, or wish others did?  Comment below, I’d love to know them!


About Mandy Edwards

Mandy Edwards is the owner of ME Marketing Services, a marketing firm in Statesboro, Georgia that specializes in social media marketing for small businesses.  The local go-to person on spcial media, Mandy is a momprenuer , President of her local chapter of BNI – Business Networking International and 2013 Chair for her local Relay for Life.

For more information on Mandy, please visit  You can also follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@memktgservices).

  • Sheila Logan Davis

    Facebook rules about cover images changed recently allowing calls to action, phone numbers, and web addresses. Now you just have to keep the text to under 20%. Otherwise, excellent advice!

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      Yes that’s true Sheila. The 20% rule is a hard one to fit in with.

  • Kimberlee Lockhart

    Don’t forget to NOT post pictures of what you are eating, especially if its half-eaten. That’s disgusting and we don’t care. If you must post pics of food, try to get a good shot of it, and before you start to eat it. Please.

  • Denny Hagel

    Great tips! Especially like your advice when people post on your page…have that all of the time and always torn between just deleting or contacting them…One time I had another parenting coach respond to one of my clients questions that she had posted on my page!!! She began coaching her on my page!! That one I contacted!! Ha!

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      Erm, yes! I imagine you did LOL!

  • Abbie

    I think that a word is missing, Margie. I *think* it’s suppose to say PLEASE do not post links all over my page…I was confused for just a moment too. LOL!

    • chatzakity

      Yep, all fixed Abbie!

  • Margie Klitch

    I don’t understand #2 (is a word missing?). The title says “PLEASE do post links all over my page,” then the explanation goes on to say you don’t want links. Please explain.

    • Mandy Edwards

      It’s suppose to say “do not”. I’ll get Tara to fix that :)

      • chatzakity

        All fixed! :))

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