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How Bad Do You Want It?

"It's Fitness Friday"

Friday's the day to think about our body, our health and our fitness!
If we don't take care of 'us' then everything else falls apart!


How Bad Do You Want It?

Are you dedicated enough to get what you want out of life?

Many of us go through life perpetually talking about what it is we want out of life.

Many of us want to have the perfect figure, be the perfect weight, have amazing abs and toned thighs. Some of us want be to successful in our professions, we want to make 6 or 7 figure incomes, we want the huge house. There are others who day dream about becoming famous, becoming a world athlete, taking home a Gold at the Olympics.

We all have our own desires, our own ambitions, our own dreams yet how many of us actually reach those goals? How many of us can actually say that we stuck it out and got there?

Not many because, to be honest, we really don't want it that much.

We don't want to be the perfect weight more than we want that extra slice of pizza. We don't want amazing abs more than we want to sit at home and watch the TV, when it's cold outside and the gym is 20 minutes away. Most of don't want to make the sacrifice needed to get what we say we desire.

There are, however, a few of us who do take control and have the Perseverance, the Faith and the Commitment to stick it out.

You may see people who have 'it all' and be envious of them, what you can't see is just how hard they have worked to get there.

But then again, that doesn't really matter does it because those people are special. Those people have something that we, the every day people, don't have, right?


The only thing stopping you from obtaining your success is YOU!

YOU have to be strong to reach your goals. You have to persevere even when others tell you that you are wasting your time. You have to have faith in yourself and you have to be committed to your goal. With these items in place you will get to where you want to be.


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I was reading Richard Branson's blog last week and he mentioned one of the British Olympic athletes, a girl named Jessica Ennis. Jessica used to be a receptionist at the Virgin Active Health Club in Sheffield and last week she was competing in and winning in the Olympics!

She didn't stay where she was, she pushed forward and got to where she wanted to be. Where she knew she belonged and a huge well done to her!

The question is not can you be a success? We know the answer to that is YES! If you work hard and stay on track then you will be a success, of that there is no doubt!

The question is just how bad to you want it?

  • ☆ᎥᏴᏓ☻Ꮐ☆ᎥᏀaṃᕮ™☆

    I loved watching Jessica Ennis (Queen of Sheffield) making history over the last few weeks in the Olympics. All our athletes did exceptionally well and watching Sir Chris Hoy explaining the limits he pushes his body to, to be the best at what he does opitimises everything you say in your story. The fact he nearly killed himself from exhaustion after he trained says it all!! That’s how much you gotta want something and yes he succeeded, just like everyone else can if you put your mind and body into WHATEVER you want to do. You just have to want it badly enough :-)

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      No-one can stop you if you really want it :)) Thanks for leaving your comment.

  • Carolyn Hughes

    Love your example of Jennifer Ennis because she is such an inspiration! You make a great point that the only person stopping us from success is ourselves.

    • Tara Chatzakis ㋡

      Yes it is! Success is an inside job! And so is failure!

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