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If You Need Advertisers Where Do You Go?


If You Need Advertisers Where Do You Go?


Last week we talked about putting advertisers on your site to help you get a residual income. You can read the post here.

Today we are going to discuss where you can find advertisers.

The easiest way to attract investors/advertisers is to advertise on your site. You can add an 'Advertise on this site' tab in your navigation bar which will alert readers to the fact that they can place banners on your site. It's up to you if you wish to give details about the advertising opportunities on your site there or whether you just give a brief outline and add your contact information. You can also place an 'Advertise here' placeholder where the advertisement would be. This way people can see exactly what kind of impact their ad would have depending on where it is.

You could contact everyone on your list and tell them of the new and exciting opportunity you have to offer. You may have a subscriber who would ideally like to be promoted on your site. They always say that your ideal client is probably already a reader of yours.

Putting your own advert at the bottom of your blog posts may also entice advertisers. Once they have been on your site, read your article and found it of value they may be tempted to contact you if the idea is put in their head. A simple opt in style box could be used and can have either an opt in, so that you may contact them via their email to discuss options further, or you may wish to simply add your contact details for them to follow through. Although an opt in is probably preferable as you would then have them on your mailing list for future reference.

Contact companies directly. Find companies that would be suitable for your site and contact them offering advertising space. If you send them the reasons why your site would be ideal, as discussed in the rate sheet, then chances are that they will check out your site and follow through. People love to feel special and if they believe that you have chosen them specifically they will at the very least visit your site and have a look around.

Are you a member of any groups? These can be a gold mine for you. Facebook or Linkedin groups, for example, are full of people who are looking for ways to expand their business and offering them advertising space could be just what they need.

You can also contact sites which specialize in online advertising. For example you could browse through or Clickbank, although the latter is more concerned with affiliate marketing you may find opportunities there too.

Browse online to see which advertisers your influencers have on their sites. This way you can see the type of ads they place, the sizes they are looking for. You could contact them as you already know that they do advertise on sites and that they are interested in your audience. It is rare that a banner advertiser will only place one ad. They often have many on the go and they know which ones work the best too.

There are ways to find advertisers who will fit perfectly with you and your audience. Although I would say don't place too many ads on your site as they can make it look untidy and distract your reader from your posts. Remember your readers are there because they want to read what you have to say, so keep it simple and to a minimum. Too many and you will start to lose your identity on there.

So, the question is, will you be creating an opportunity for yourself by creating an advertising opportunity for others? Let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!






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