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Abundance and Freedom are YOURS!

"It's Fitness Friday"

Friday's the day to think about our body, our health and our fitness!
If we don't take care of 'us' then everything else falls apart!


Are you ready to take what rightfully belongs to you?

Are you ready for your Abundance and Freedom?

As individuals we naturally watch others and compare ourselves to them. If you are on Facebook or Twitter then there will no doubt be somebody somewhere comparing themselves to you, right now as you read this. It's human nature to do so.

We look to see if others have a better car, better health, better fitness, more money, a healthier business, more friends, more abundance, more freedom, the list is endless. How you take your comparisons is what dictates if they are healthy or unhealthy obsessions.

We all want our lives to be better, but we shouldn't compare with envy. We need to watch those we admire, see what they do. Chances are they have a formula that works! Follow their formula!

If you want better health, follow what your fitter friends do. Take their lead and chose to exercise more regularly.

If you want to shed unwanted pounds, follow the example of people who have achieved their optimum weight. Become a member of a group whose aim is to help you release your excess weight, or offer advice on healthier options.

If you want a healthier business, chose a role model or a coach and enlist their advice or see what works for them and do the same. Make sure you choose somebody who has proved their worth first though!

If you want more friends, maybe be more sociable? Become involved in a social group either on or offline.

Whatever your wants you need to be committed.

Decide what you want and plan how to achieve it. Take the first steps to taking what is rightfully yours. Working towards your goals, abundance and freedom will naturally follow and be yours. You were destined for great things, we all were. It's just that not many believe they are entitled to it and give in just before it manifests for them.

Don't give up on your goals. Keep going.

Wait for your abundance and freedom, they are on their way!

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